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"How disagreeable! I can't live without flowers. I suppose papa will not expect me to stay if I don't like the place?"

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Bridget dropped back into her seat with a profound sigh. Presently the dinner gong sounded, and Miss Patience put away her papers and accounts, and shutting up her desk, prepared to leave the room. Bridget got up too. "I am glad that is dinner," she said; "I'm awfully hungry. May I go up to my room to tidy myself, Miss Patience?"

On this special night in the mid-term the girls who were ignominiously obliged to retire to their bedrooms felt a sorer sense of being left out than ever."Yes, you ought. I'm going to give you a lovely description. Papa has had his dinner, and he's pacing up and down on the walk which hangs over the lake. He is smoking a meerschaum pipe, and the dogs are with him."

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But plain as Evelyn undoubtedly was, no one who knew her long ever remarked about her appearance, or gave a second thought to the fact that she could lay small claim to physical beauty.

Miss Percival's accident, and Bridget O'Hara's share in it, were the subjects of conversation not only that night, but the next morning.Bridget's face turned very white. She looked wildly toward the door, then at the window.[Pg 56]

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Dorothy could not restrain her laughter.

"Oh, don't I!" said Janet, stamping her small foot.

"Poor girl!" said Evelyn, a wistful expression coming into her eyes.3 patti gold rummy hack

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